Post Baby Hair Loss – Dermaheal HL

Today I am going to be sharing with you something personal about my hair loss. I wanted to share my story with you because I am not the only one going through post partum hair loss or any kind of hair loss. This hair loss made me sad and uncomfortable when I used to go out in parties or meet ups, so I decide to use hair filler; particularly Dermaheal HL and I observed a huge change on my hair growth.

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Whether you it’s a post baby hair loss or you have not been eating right, hair loss is always very stressing especially to women. So right after I had my first baby I used to wear my hair in a ponytail. Due to tying up my hair on my head all the time, I did not realize my hair is falling. Not just in small quantity but in large amount. I think this is the big contributing factor to hair loss in the hair line area.  It was increasing day by day. I was so busy with the hurdles of being a mother for the first time that I did not give attention to my hair loss.

When my baby got one year old and I got settled in my new life and routine I decided to give attention to my hair. At first, I got myself checked to a dermatologist but my hair fall was too much that no medicated creams and shampoos worked on my hair. My doctors then suggested me to go for hair filler. I had not used it before so I was a little bit nervous about it. But when I got to know that they are completely natural and will not cause any intoxication to my hair. I felt a bit relived.

I purchased Dermaheal HL from Hyaldirect. It was not a random selection. I made a whole lot of research before going for it. I chose Hyaldirect because they get you treated with genuine products under the supervision of an expert who has already been doing these kinds of surgeries, also making it painless. The results were visible after three weeks. I was pretty much satisfied with them as new hair growth began to appear and the bald areas on my head were again filled with hair.

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